Warrior Cats are a race in Free Realms, characterized by their use of the Cat ride as their character, and the guild they belong to (i.e Warrior Cats of __Clan) . They can be found throughout the realms. 


Warrior CodeEdit

The following is the code that all of the Clans must follow if they wish to maintain peace...Edit

1. Defend your clan even at the cost of your life. You may have friends in other clans but your loyalty remains with your clan.

2. Do not hunt or trespass on another clan’s territory

3. Elders, queens, kits and sick cats must be fed before the others unless you are given permission otherwise

4. Prey is killed to be eaten

5. A kit must be 6 moons old to be an apprentice

6. New warriors will keep a silent vigil the night they become a warrior

7. A cat can’t be named deputy until they have trained one apprentice

8. The clan deputy will become leader when the leader dies, retires or leaves the clan

9. After the death or retirement of a deputy, a new one must be named before moonhigh

10. There is no fighting at gatherings

11. The territory must be patrolled once a day. challenge all tresspassers

12. No warrior can hurt a kit, no matter what clan it is from

13. An honorable warrior does not need to kill to win a battle unless it is in self defense

14. The word of the clan leader is clan code

15. A warrior does not accept the soft life of a kitty pet

16. A med cat can't have a mate or kits

The last two codes are unique to the Clans of FreeRealms, as they have been deemed necessary by leaders of all Clans.

17. All Clans with large territory must share with at least one other Clan. This includes all Clans with territory as big as/larger than Merry Vale.

18. Kit attacks must be investigated thoroughly. If it is found that the Clan who attacked the kit knew they were a kit, then the Clan of the kit may take any action they see fit. If it is found that the offending Clan didn't know that the kit was in fact a kit, and the kit was in their territory, no action can be taken by the kit's Clan.

Clan Culture Edit

All warrior cats believe in a clan of deceased cats that live with the stars, called Star Clan . Star Clan is believed to have interventions within the lives of warriorcats, impacting their lives daily and ultimiteley deciding their fate through quests, interventions, and prophecies. There are no other religious sects within Star Clan.

Several Warrior Cats are known to have magical and elemental prophecies, given by Star Clan themselves. These cats are known as Element Cats

Clan GatheringsEdit

Every sunday, the warrior cats meet at a preset location in a time of peace to discuss the week's events, including news from every clan. There is no formal alliance from these gatherings, only a respect for tradition. 

Clans of Free RealmsEdit

(Taken from the Free Realms Warrior Cat Wiki) 

  1. Autumn Dawn Clan
  2. Haze Clan
  3. Owl Clan
  4. Blazing Fire Clan
  5. BloodClaw Clan

    Legend Moonstar Attacking another cat

  6. Broken Clan
  7. ColdBlood Clan
  8. Dawn Clan
  9. WhiteThunder Clan
  10. SunClan
  11. DarkAsh Clan
  12. Darkrose Clan
  13. Eclipse Clan
  14. DarkBlaze Clan
  15. Meadow Clan
  16. Amber Clan
  17. TigerClan
  18. Forest Clan
  19. Equinox Clan
  20. Skyfall Clan
  21. Darkmoon Clan
  22. DarkThorn Clan
  23. ShadowLight Clan
  24. Rogues of FallenAsh
  25. PhantomClan
  26. DarkSunlight Clan
  27. Falcon Clan
  28. Shadow Clan (Now Combined with GlisteningIce Clan)
  29. SnowRiver Clan
  30. Moonfall Clan
  31. Glistening Ice Clan (now combined with Shadow clan)
  32. Thunder Clan
  33. Lightning Clan
  34. Snow Moon Clan
  35. Rose Clan
  36. NightFlare Clan
  37. WolfCat Clan
  38. Diamond Clan
  39. Polar Clan
  40. Whitemist Clan
  41. Blacksun Clan
  42. DesertIce Clan

Ranks of Warrior Cat Clans Edit