Da Random Story of Waffle PieEdit

One day a girl named Lucy was walking down a street. Lucy noticed a movement in the bushes. She was in a city at a park. And then came the most strangest thing: WAFFLE PIE! Lucy ate the waffle pie and started yelling out randomly, "WAFFLE PIE! GET SOME PEOPLE!" Then, everyone had waffle pie. THE END

Boredom Vs The LagEdit

One day, a person named Boredom was walking down a street when he suddenly noticed a person named Lag. Lag glared at Boredom and they started to hate eachother. Why must they hate eachother in this world of laggy games and boredom? Boredom decided to host a competition to see who was better, well worser in this part of land worser was better. So the games began. Lag could make people rage while Boredom made people bored. Well, who won? Lag did with his evil powers. Boredom, though, was going to an island not far away to compete against another person.

The Stalker (KIND OF SCARY)Edit

One early morning in May in a forest, I was going to my mailbox when suddenly there was wings flapping above me. I looked up and saw a huge bird with black feathers and a shiny yellow beak. I then yelled at the black bird and ran back inside my wooden house. Then, another day, it came back. But this wasn't in the forest, but in my house. The bird was in my living room and I got a good look at it and this bird's wing span and it was five feet. I remembered the pocket knife I had in my room so I went there and got it. Then, I charged at the bird's throat. I cut open its throat and blood was everywhere. I later on called the police and they took the body of this bird.

Sky the Lone Wolf-Death PineEdit


Sky is back with her adventures!


Learn what the surroundings look like here


Tree-den is an oak tree with a hole in it. The hole goes into the tree but is not very big. But the tree is very large so this makes the wolves able to fit in it. Tree-den is near a river and forest.


The forest is large and has oak trees. The end of the forest is a river with a waterfall and the other end is where humans live. The tall oak trees make it great for birds.

Death PineEdit

Death Pine is a shadowy forest with pine trees. There is a secret cave with tunnels that are lit up by crystals.

Chapter One-Grey WolfEdit

When I was born, the only wolf I knew was my mother. Moonlight was a silver wolf with brown eyes. My mother was great and she taught me how to survive. I am Sky, a female white wolf with blue eyes. I am a lone wolf and I live in a tree den by a waterfall. My mother, Moonlight, would tell me stories of how she ended up being a lone wolf. Moonlight’s story began when she became friends with one of the pack’s worst enemies, Fang. She told me that Fang was a lone wolf that would hunt on the pack’s territory and the pack, they disliked it a lot. The alpha then exiled Moonlight after finding out of their friendship. I am glad to be a lone wolf so I can wander around and explore the world. If I was in a pack, I would probably be an omega that was picked on day after day. I also couldn’t live by my own rules.

Age 2years old
Race Wolf
Special Powers Unknown

The morning breeze was chilly as Sky stalked out of the tree den. An unfamiliar scent was brought from the breeze, a pack? Sky followed the scent trail and then, by the river, there stood a grey wolf. There were no other wolves so Sky thought this was a lone wolf. The grey wolf glanced at Sky then swam across the river. What was this wolf doing here and should I follow her, Sky thought anxiously, I shouldn’t bother her though. She padded towards the river and saw a mouse in the grass. Sky then pounced onto the mouse, and then bit the throat. Sky picked the mouse up and went inside the den. She then dropped it into a hole that was used for storing prey. In the hole, there was a squirrel and the mouse Sky had caught. Then, Moonlight came into the tree den and dropped two rabbits in the hole. “Welcome back, Moonlight,” Sky greeted her. “Also, may I explore around the waterfall?” Moonlight nodded and Sky let out a howl of excitement. She then padded out of the tree den and went towards the waterfall. Sky started to climb the rocks and almost lost grip. But soon, Sky finished climbing the rocks. She watched the river that powered the waterfall and then the same grey wolf appeared. “Why have you been stalking me?” Sky growled. The grey wolf was gazing at the waterfall. She then replied, “I live by the waterfall now.”

“I also live by the waterfall,” Sky said to the grey wolf. “My name is Sky. What is your name?” The grey wolf then lowered her head to drink from the river. “My name is Storm,” she replied. “I ran away from my pack to live the life of a lone wolf.” Sky then suddenly saw a vole. She raced for the vole and killed it with a single bite. Sky was a bit hungry so she ate some of vole then realized she was by the edge. “Would you like the rest of the vole?” Sky asked Storm. Storm shook her head. “I have already hunted today.” Storm then turned around and disappeared into the trees.

Sky watched as the fast water fell down the mountain. It had been days since she had seen Storm. Perhaps Storm was scared now to go near Sky. Sky walked over to the river and sighed. She had never made a friend before nor met another wolf. Maybe, Sky thought, if I went exploring the world more I could have a friend. It sounded like a great idea! Sky, still watching the waterfall, waited for Moonlight to come back.

Chapter Two-ExploreEdit

"I am back!" Moonlight's loud bark excited Sky. "May I explore the world?" Sky asked. Moonlight turned her head to one side in confusion. "Its dangerous out there," Moonlight sighed. "You might even come across a pack that doesn't want you there." Sky's head drooped. "I just want to explore by the strange two legged creatures," Sky barked. Moonlight rolled her eyes and sat down. "There are hunters over there and they kill us. We shouldn't bother them either." Sky sighed deepily. All she wanted was to explore and have a friend! "Well," Sky barked, "Maybe I can pretend to be a dog." Moonlight stared at Sky then replied, "Okay, but I have to come with you." Sky liked the idea of her mother coming. "When will we leave?" Sky asked. Moonlight flicked her tail towards the exit of the den. "Right now."

"Watch out!" Moonlight snarled. They were near where the strange creatures lurked. Sky had almost gotten seen by a person. Sky ducked under the bushes again, more deeper this time. Sky hadn't seen the dens of the creatures that much, but they were wooden. "Can I be friends with a dog?" Sky whispered. Moonlight nodded. What a perfect mom! Moonlight signaled with her tail to follow. Sky crept out of the bush and followed. The concrete hurted Sky's paws; it felt like claws stabbing her. In the distance, a den stood. Sky heard barking and realized there was a dog. Moonlight nodded as if she knew Sky wanted to visit the dog. Sky padded over to the iron fence and watched as the dog approached from the other side. The dog was white with blue eyes. The dog looked like Sky! It was also a female too. "Hi," Sky barked happily. The white dog looked confusec. "You are a wolf!" it yelled. Sky nodded and replied, "Yes, a lone wolf." The dog looked relieved. "Why have you come to these parts?" the white dog asked. "To find a friend and to explore." The dog didn't speak for a while. "My name is Fluffy and I am a husky."

The moon was rising as Sky ran towards the tree-den. Moonlight was by Sky, and was glancing nervously around as though she thought Fluffy had followed them. They walked into the tree-den and the Moonlight curled up into a ball. "Did you have fun?" she asked. Sky nodded as she also curled into a ball and slept. She dreamed of a vast forest with giant pines that seemed to reach the sky and a waterfall that was higher the the tallest pine. Well this is a great place, Sky thought excited. But then there was a deep growl. "What are you doing out here, lone wolf?" Sky turned around and saw a large black wolf staring at her. "Don't you know there is a pack out here that is basically invincible? You shouldn't be in these parts unless you want to get killed," the black wolf snarled. Then the nightmare was over. I shouldn't go exploring where there are tall pines, Sky thought frightened, it could also lead to death.

Chapter Three-Death PineEdit

Sky sneaked out of the tree-den as the moon rised. Sky figured out the forest in her nightmare was called Death Pine. She wanted to investigate Death Pine now and see the invincible pack. The forest was silent except for the sound of water falling from the waterfall. Sky crouched as she came to the edge of the river and then she waded through the water, trying to not make any sound. The water was cold and soon as Sky got out, she shook the water out of her fur. Sky walked on the soft grass and there stood the rest of the forest. The moon, still full, was beginning to fade. Sky's heart sank. Her mother would be worried but maybe she would think Sky went out to see Fluffy, the husky. Soon, fireflies began to fly around the trees, making Sky feel better.

Sky rushed toward Death Pine. The shadowy forest of pines was frightening. She had made it at dawn and now it seemed as if the journey lasted forever. The tall pines reached the sky as Sky walked through the forest, keeping low. But then there was a howl. And soon there was more howling going on. "You shouldn't be in these parts unless you want to get killed." The words echoed loudly in Sky's ears. Then Sky saw a hole. Sky crouched and then began to fast walk towards the hole. She went down it and it was actually a cave. Sky went deeper and began to get a feeling that someone was watching her. Her white pelt was easy to see in this darkness so maybe something had spotted her. Then there was a nearby cry.

Chapter Four-The Pup's CryEdit

The cry of the wolf became louder. Sky raced toward the sound and there was light. There, in the center of the lit up cave, was a redish wolf pup. It was very small and skinny and had its eyes closed. It wasn't a newborn, but old enough to start eating meat. Sky came closer to the redish pup and looked around the cave. No other wolves were here. Sky sniffed the air and came across a stale wolf scent. It was a few days old but how could this wolf pup survived? This wolf pup was abandoned. Then, Sky saw bones by the side of the den. The wolf must have left this pup some food to last off of. Sky picked up the pup and began to head back toward the tree-den.

"You're back!" Moonlight's excited bark filled the tree-den. Then, Moonlight noticed the redish wolf-pup. "Where have you been? And where did that pup come from?" Sky sat down beside her mother and replied, "I have been at Death Pine. I heard howls and saw a hole then went into it. Then the wolf pup cried and I went to investigate. There was no wolves around and the freshest scent was a few days ago. I took the wolf pup with me because I noticed it was hungry and abandoned."

Sky returned to Death Pine while the pup stayed with Moonlight. Sky named the female redish wolf pup Rust. Sky walked around in the shadowy forest for a while until there came another cry. Sky rushed toward the sound, seeing a black bear charging toward a grey wolf pup. Sky, with no training, charged at the bear and lunged at its neck. The bear angrily shook Sky off, forgetting about the wolf pup and wanting to kill Sky now. She growled as the black bear stood on his hind legs, looking twice as tall. Sky ran forward, lunged at the bear's belly, and clawed viciously at the bear's black belly. The bear fell backwards and let out a growl. Sky aimed for his throat and then swiped a claw around it. The bear lay motionless, bleeding as Sky remembered the wolf pup. But the grey pup was gone. Sky sniffed the air and found a fresh scent trail. It was another wolf and it was nearby! Sky followed the scent trail as it lead deeper into Death Pine.

Sky stopped following the scent trail as she saw a female grey wolf with the same pup. The pup rolled around excitedly, and the mother also looked excited. The thought of the redish wolf pup came back to Sky's mind: Why was Rust abandoned? The grey wolf looked up from her pup and saw Sky. "Thank you for saving my pup."

Sky rushed toward the tree-den and went inside. It was dusk now and it was raining. Sky saw Moonlight curled up by Rust but they both were awake. "Welcome back," Moonlight yawned. Rust got up and ran to Sky. "What did you see at Death Pine?" Rust asked. Sky then lay down with her head between her paws and told Rust every detail. Moonlight turned her head towards Sky, amazed. "You killed a black bear?" Sky nodded at Moonlight. Sky closed her eyes, tired. She then slept silently through the night.

Chapter Five-Storm ReturnsEdit

Sky woke up as a familiar wolf walked toward the tree-den. "Storm!" Sky barked excitedly. "Where have you been?" Rust and Moonlight woke up as they heard Sky. "I have been near my den," Storm replied. "My old pack has been drawing nearer and they don't seem very happy. I asked them why they were here and they said that they were chased out of Death Pine." Moonlight looked at Sky and Sky knew to talk. "I have been to Death Pine a few times. On my first trip there I found Rust." Sky walked over to Rust and sat down. Storm then replied, "An abandoned pup? Well, I have to go." Storm ran out of the den and disappeared. Rust walked slowly over to the entrance and said, "What if they come near our den?" Moonlight stood up and repiled, "We might need to move!" Rust agreed and then they both stared at Sky. "If we want to survive, we got to know how to defend ourselves! We shouldn't back off! They might be friendly. Where could we go if we moved too? This place is perfect! We shouldn't move just because a pack is drawing near," Sky snarled. Moonlight then sat by Sky. "She is right. We can defend our den! Sky took down a black bear by herself!"

Chapter Six-PeaceEdit

Sky rushed out of the tree-den as she saw wolves by the river. It was night and Sky then hid in a nearby bush and stalked the pack. "Where are we going to go?" asked one of the wolves. Then, another one replied, "Over here looks fine. We will send a scout party at dawn." Sky's heart started pounding fast. "Hold on! I smell wolves nearby," the largest wolf growled. Sky guessed he must be the alpha. Then, the wolves headed toward tree-den. They were at the entrance and peeked into the den. The male alpha went in and then Sky ran towards the tree-den. "Stay away from my family!" Sky snarled loudly. The male alpha was near Rust and there was a siniser look on his face. "This land will soon be ours, lone wolf." Rust woke up and let out a cry. The male alpha backed away and walked out of the entrance. "Do you think I would murder you? Our pack has already been hurt too much and a pack member said you saved her pup." The sinister look on the male alpha's face turned back to normal. Sky had always been taught packs were not like this. "We give you an offer. If you let us stay, we will leave you alone." Sky noticed Moonlight was awake. "I agree."

Dawn approached as the pack stayed by the tree-den. Sky learned the names of them and the pack actually seemed nice. The alpha's name was Nightfall and the beta's name was Sunlight. It seemed strange that the alpha was called Nightfall while the beta was called Sunlight. Sunlight was a female brown wolf with amber eyes and had a battle scar on her muzzle. Nightfall was a male black wolf with amber eyes, too. He had a battle scar on his back. It was long too. Sky then wanted to explore more of Death Pine. Maybe Sky could see what the sinister pack was up to. "Moonlight, I am going to Death Pine," Sky barked loudly. Sky then walked out of the tree-den and headed for Death Pine. She went to the edge of the river and then started to go in the cold water. Then Sky heard Nightfall. "Be careful!" Sky nodded and waded through the river to the other edge. Sky then ran through the rest of the oak forest.

Sky arrived at Death Pine in the afternoon. The shadowy and sinister forest was still as Sky walked through it. What lay in this forest could be the last thing Sky would ever see. The search for the sinister pack was not long. Sky had traveled farther than she had ever traveled before. There was a lake and it seemed like the only clearing. A pack of black, grey, white, and brown wolves stood near the lake. Sky then noticed a river that flowed into the lake. Keep calm and move on, Sky thought, I will find out about this pack. What were they doing? It seemed the pack wasn't doing anything. Sky decided to come closer to the pack. She crept out of her hiding spot and went where the pack was. Keeping very low, Sky crept into a very thick bush and began to listen to the pack. "We will rule Death Pine and soon many forests," Sky heard a male wolf bark loudly. "We will be the most powerfullest pack in history!" Sky looked at the male wolf and he was a red wolf. The only red wolf in his huge pack. Sky guessed he must of been the alpha. "If any of you betray us, you will be exiled and hunted down," a female white wolf growled. She was sitting by the red male. "You must be loyal and follow orders. Now, which pack should we strike next?" There was an alpha male and female then. Sky couldn't take it any longer but she remained hidden from sight. Sky didn't hear what pack they was to strike next, but she could follow them and see. The pack was moving towards the river that flowed into the lake. Sky followed and remained still out of sight. The pack was moving too fast but Sky never kept them out of her sight.

The pack stopped moving as they approached a valley with not many trees and mountains. The green grass was shining brightly but it wouldn't last long. "What are you doing here?" A snarl startled Sky. There, in front of her, stood the red alpha male. The white female alpha came rushing toward his side and bared her teeth at Sky. The white female whispered something to him and then the red male bared his teeth and lunged at Sky. “This will be our first kill of the day!” the alpha male shouted. The pack came charging at Sky. Sky ran from them and felt the alpha male biting her neck. Sky viciously shook her pelt but he wouldn’t give in. Then, Sky went onto her back and the male alpha let out a loud cry. Sky noticed the pack was watching her fight. Sky leaped up and slammed into the alpha male. He ran away but then came charging toward Sky. The alpha male lunged at Sky’s neck and then blood came pouring out. Sky’s vision began to fade and soon she lay on the ground, motionless.

Note About Chapter Six Edit

I don't think water can

blend in with blood but

this is fantasy, okay?

So don't go on about that.

Chapter Seven-Near DeathEdit

Sky woke up and felt paws on her throat. Sky opened her eyes and adjusted to the brightness. "You're awake!" a wolf barked. The voice seemed familiar. "Storm?" Sky said weakly. She had hardly recongnized her. "Lay still," Storm barked. "You are lucky you are alive." Images of blood and battle flashed back in Sky's mind. How was she still alive? "You can move now," Storm whispered. The valley, still stained with blood, was still bright. "How did I survive?" Sky asked. Sky had lost so much blood in the battle. "I used water to recover the blood. I was just in time too. The water blended in with your blood some how..." Storm paused and then went on. "I don't know why it did blend in." Sky stood up and felt something odd on her neck. "What is on my neck?" Sky asked. Storm replied, "That is just a piece of deer pelt with spider webs to make it stop." Sky glanced at the blood-stained valley. "Is there any survivors?" Storm nodded. "I brought my pack with me to chase them off. The blood-thirsty pack isn't very tough when you know their weakness. Now, we have to get back to your forest."

 Chapter Eight-Kidnapped Edit

Sky arrived at the tree-den a few days after Storm found her. Sky hurried toward the entrance, excited to see them again. Moonlight came out of the tree-den with a worried look on her face. "Where is Rust?" Sky asked. Moonlight sighed with sorrow. "The pack that chased Storm's old pack..." Moonlight paused. "They took Rust." Sky replied, "I will get the pup I adopted back. Now, when did they arrive?" Moonlight's sorrow turned to hope. "They took Rust yesterday." Sky walked out of the tree-den and went back to Death Pine.

Sky arrived at Death Pine and picked up a scent trail that was stale but smelled of the same pack. Her wound had healed too. Sky followed the scent trail that led deeper into Death Pine. As she found the end of it, the pack of wolves was by the same lake and river. Sky ran towards the pack with intense anger and growled. "You stole Rust! You will pay for your sins!" The red male and the white female tunred their heads at Sky. Without saying a word, the red wolf charged forward and aimed his claws at Sky's throat. "This time I will kill you," he said. "And your family." Burning with hatred and anger, Sky leaped onto his back and bit his neck. Blood came pouring out and he fell to the ground, motionless. "Not so tough, eh? I fought a black bear by myself," Sky taunted. The white female gazed at the red male and Sky was surprised to see no grief coming from her. "Finally, the blood and battle has stopped. You may have Rust back," The white female barked. Sky nodded and picked up Rust as the wolves fled.

Sky waded through the river at dawn with Rust in her mouth and went to the tree-den. Sky was keeping sure she could breathe. Moonlight was at the entrance. "I got Rust back," Sky barked happily. "Once the alpha male was killed, they gave in." Sky dropped Rust and sat down. She was hungry now and hadn't ate yesterday. Sky went to where the food was stored and took a magpie. She ate it vicously and then lay down to rest.

 Chapter Ten-Exploring FartherEdit

Sky finished her nap when a bird was alarmed. "What was that?" Sky asked. Sky walked over to the tree-den entrance and saw a red wolf trying to hunt a red bird that was up in a tree. Sky glanced back inside the den and saw Rust eating a fat trout. Sky stalked out of the entrance and went to the red wolf trying to hunt the red bird. "Who are you?" Sky asked. The red wolf was startled and then turned to Sky. The wolf replied, "Claw is my name. I couldn't find any prey back where I live so I came here to hunt." What forest has no prey? Death Pine? "Well, I live here and you are very near," Sky replied and then went back to the tree-den entrance. "I am going to explore more," Sky called out. "Not at Death Pine but somewhere else." Rust came dashing up to Sky. "Can I come?" Rust asked. Sky replied, "How about we all go?"

Sky, Rust, and Moonlight walked out of the den. All three of them were excited to explore. Moonlight had brought lots of prey that were carried in a deer pelt for the exploration. They ran towards the river and walked side by side by each other. Down the river in a distance was a lake with a large forest surrounding it. Then, there were mountains with pines on the right side of the lake. "Wow," Rust gasped. The three walked down to the lake and Sky saw a white-tailed deer struggling to get a drink. "Shhh.... deer!" Sky whispered. "And it is old!" Moonlight crouched down and stalked toward the old deer. Sky copied her and then the deer's white tail went up like a flag. Moonlight leaped onto the deer and took it down with one snap on the neck.

The mountains grew steep as Moonlight, Rust, and Sky climbed the mountains that rose high in the sky. They walked on a trail that was made by humans and Sky thought it was strange to walk on it. From up on the trail, everything looked tiny far below. The lake looked like a little pond and the trees barely showed. Finally, after a long while, the three were at the top: a flat stony area that had a pool on one side with small waterfalls. "We have made it," Moonlight barked, exhausted. Then, Sky spotted a large hole in a wall. "Look," Sky whispered. "Its a cave! But we shouldn't look in it." She decided to see where the waterfalls came from. Sky turned back and found tumbled rocks by the pond. Sky started to climb the rocks and it was difficult. When she was at the top, she gasped. There was a valley with the best trees Sky had ever seen. There was hills with flowers everywhere. And Sky saw a pack playing together by a hill with a tree-den. "Moonlight, Rust, come up here!" Immediatly, the two came up beside Sky and gazed down at the valley. Moonlight barked, "Sky and Rust, we are going to live down there."


Blast from the past (somewhat true)Edit

One day, a wolf named Moonlight Shadow went out to Briarwood for a walk. On her walk, an odd wolf named Rosie stopped her. Upon seeing her pack markings, the wolf gasped and stared at her. "You're a part of Werewolves of the Moonlight?" Rosie curiously asked, her mouth wide open. "Yes, in fact, I'm a leader of the pack." Moonlight Shadow replied. "Come with me" Rosie said, "I have something important to show you."

Later, Moonlight Shadow and Rosie arrived at an abandoned pack territory. Huge buildings loomed in the distance, and bright lights illuminated the dark. After a long silence, Rosie finally spoke. "This is the old pack grounds of Werewolves of the Moonlight." Rosie stared off into the distance, as if she was waiting for someone or something to appear. She then trotted up to a huge, exquisite fountain in the middle of the huge grounds. The water flowed dark brown, and the concrete on the fountain was chipping away. "As you can see, this place hasn't been used in a while" Rosie sighed and shook her head. "Anyways, I digress. We should get to where we're going" Rosie said, frowning slightly. Moonlight Shadow noticed her perculiar behaivor. This seems like something that was really inportant to her at one time,  Moonlight pondered better not say anything too personal about it. Rosie guided Moonlight Shadow up into a meeting room. There was no roof, and three or so couches were surrounding a TV area. "This looks like a typical pack meeting area" Moonlight inquired. "Yes, this is where the alphas met to discuss various issues" Rosie said. Moonlight Shadow looked over the edge of the walless structure and saw a floating sign that said "Howl Moonlight". Intriuged by this, she then asked what it meant. "This is what the old leader of WOTM made" Rosie's voice shook as if she was going to start crying. "This was our saying a long time ago. We always yelled this wherever we were. It was kinda like our battle cry." Rosie explained. "That's really cool, our pack dosen't have that" Moonlight bit her lip and wished her hadn't mentioned her pack so veinly. Rosie turned to her and gave her a stern look. "Who is the leader of your pack, anyways?" Rosie sounded irratated. "Katie Wolf, but she said that she's quitting soon" Moonlight replied. A look of total annoyance crossed Rosie's face. "Katie Wolf? She was a rookie alpha in my pack! How could she become a successful alpha without proper training?" Rosie snarled "Oh wait, she didn't even revcieve proper training, becuase the alpha Anna Wolfforest abandoned her!" Rosie smirked a bit. Moonlight Shadow always remembered how Katie used to talk highly of Anna Wolfforest, and bit back a growl. "How dare you talk about Katie like that!" Moonlight growled. Rosie just snorted and said "What are you gonna do about it? You should respect me, I was the second alpha in that pack!". "I don't care about the past, I live in the present!" Moonlight then tackled Rosie off of the edge of the building. The sky grew dark, and clouds blocked out the sun. Moonlight landed on the ground with a loud thud, and Rosie landed beside her. The two wolves engaged in a seemingly endless struggle, until Rosie crawled away and raised the staff that she had in her hand. She stuck it into the ground, and lightning crackles in the air around them. A vortex opened in the sky, and thousand of fallen wolf spirits came to Rosie's side. "This is what happens when you mess with spirit wolves!" Rosie screeched. Moonlight Shadow noticed that all of the wolves were carrying some kind of weapon. She braced herself, and then charged head-on at Rosie. She managed to skewer Rosie with her large axe, since Rosie was a smaller wolf. Rosie squirmed and slid off the axe. She regained her balance and unsheathed her claws. She clawed at Moonlight Shadow, but Moonlight countered every blow. Then, Moonlight mauled Rosie's head, landing a nasty blow. Rosie fell unconsious, but the army of spirit wolves was still advancing quickly. Moonlight Shadow would have to fend them all off, just until the portal closed. With the army closing in, Moonlight was defenseless. She then reached in her pocket, looking for a Moonstone she had found earlier. Moonstones are known for their unmachable power. Abandoning all hope, she threw the Moonstone on the ground, hoping something would happen. The stone let out a powerfull aura, which staggered the oncoming army. The shock waves reached the vortex, and reversed it. The spirits were sucked in, and the vortex closed. The weather became calm again, and everything was back to normal. Moonlight Shadow then saw Rosie's body move. Rosie got up weakly, and coughed up blood. "What...what has happened to the pack? is it being run? I don't think that Anna Wolfforest would approve..." As she rasped her last breath, Rosie collapsed and started to fade away. Sticking her axe in the ground, Moonlight Shadow watched Rosie, no, the whole pack grounds, fade away. She looked around and all that was left was an empty lot. She picked her axe up and slung it over her shoulder. The past needed to stay in the past, and it has no place in the present. As Moonlight left and processed what just happened, a shadow of a long lost wolf watched her leave.

The Medicine WolvesEdit

Once in a valley there was a place where all wolves lived in peace. The wolves called that place Valley of the Wolves and every pack lived in peace there. One day, a group of vampires flew across into the valley of wolves. They attacked every wolf and all wolves had injuries. But then came the medicine wolves, who were late but they healed every pack and the packs honored those wolves for saving them. The vampires were kept in a jail ceil and the vampires dyed. The wolves then lived in peace again. But it didn't last long. Well, what happened? Hundreds of vampires flew into the valley and this time stronger. The medicine wolves made a potion thta didn't involve much and it could kill these vampires. Then the wolves convinced the vampires that if they drink this every wolf would die, but instead every vampire would die. Vampires died one after another and the medicine wolves had saved the packs again!