The nature wolf knows many things about nature. Nature wolves can use the elements of nature for only justice, not evilness.

Nature WolvesEdit

The nature wolf is chosen by birth by Moon Pack, each Nature wolf is said to exhibit qualities of a wolf hero, capable of serving wolf kind to the best of its ability. 

A well known Nature Wolf was Mist Paw, who was chosen by Moon Pack late in the First Great War , and maintained her position until she died following the end of the First Great War

Another nature wolf is BettaWolf. Betta knows many spells and can summon animals. . She is also half vampire so her fur has many marks. Betta will not let any young animals die because she believes it would be a big loss to anything. Bettawolf was a prime voter in the foundation of both the werewolf council and werewolf empire, she now serves as a senator in the Imperial Senate. 


Nature wolves can summon plants and animals. They can also use vine swallow, an ancient spell used by many nature wolves. Nature wolves use many spells and can heal without a problem, even if its really bad. Nature wolves can be any color and will only fight for justice. They can live forever since Moon Pack or Star Pack blesses them for their justice and service. This immortality is limited to death by age, as any Nature wolf can be killed, as Mist Paw was in the First Great War