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The Moon Pool

The Moon Pool is a magical pool, located in the high cliffs of blackspore. It has cultural signifcance in almost every role play faction. 

Warrior Cat Moon PoolEdit

Cats use the MoonPool (mainly Medicine Cats) to contact StarClan (the Warrior ancestors). They lie by the pool and either drink from it or touch their nose to it and fall asleep. Then they dream with StarClan, recieving prophecies and other knowledge useful to their Clan or others.

Werewolf Moon PoolEdit

It is believed by the general werewolf population that the moon pool is where the first werewolves were created. According to wolves, the pool was blessed by Moon Pack during the first great war , in which Dark Paw and Dark Pelt bathed in it to become the first werewolves

It is believed that the Moon Pool still contains magical properties, allowing humans to turn into werewolves. The Moon Pool can also cure any injury or disease of a full wolf, including Vampire Venom.