Humans of Sacred GroveEdit

Humans are the largest and the most varied faction in Sacred Grove. Curious, sociable, and ever-growing by nature, Humans are heavy contributors to the atmosphere of Sacred Grove. While most Humans prefer to avoid involvement in serious roleplay, some actually do choose to practice it. Overall, Humans consist of daring, adventurous, and creative people who control their own destinies.

Human Qualities/CategoriesEdit

All physical, mental, emotional, and social qualities of Humans vary. This is what makes Humans an unpredictable faction. Humans are also free to categorize themselves based on how they see fit. Humans are not strictly binded by federal or religious laws/codes in the game (such as the Warrior Code), which means that most Humans are free to choose their own paths. Humans can make their own guilds, or join those of others without harsh judgment from peers. Basically, Humans posess the most freedom in Sacred Grove, and take advantage of it freely.

Following the end of the Goodwin/Fruitful Futures era (early 2010 - summer of 2013), a good number of Humans have been falsely persecuted, misjudged, and physically/verbally abused by some role-players. To kind of clean this up, not all Humans are bad. Yes, there are some Humans with bad intentions, but this is not true with the entire race. As previously stated, Humans fall into several categories, some of which will be listed below. (For the sake of time and space, only sub-categories that have some kind of relevance to roleplay will be listed. Editors, feel free to add more as you see fit.)

Human Sub-Categories:Edit

Bounty Hunters (occupation)

New Age Union, and its variants (guild)

Duelists (occpation)

The Hidden Force (guild)

Dawn Hunters (guild)

Merchants (occupation)

Humans You May KnowEdit

Human HistoryEdit

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