LEADERS: Madge Undersee: Crystalstar. Emily Fierceheart1: Icestar.

Warriors Veronica: Flamingtail


Kits Sofia Starlake: Flamekit Renny: Ren


TERRRITORY Our territory is Sunstone Valley including some of the outer part of Sunstone and also the oasis in Sunstone behind the Sandscale battle minigame. (I will post a picture tomorrow in my free time - îcestar

HISTORY: We are a new clan so we don't have much history, but the clan was created by îcestar (formerly Emily Fierceheart)(Icestar) and Madge Undersee (Crystalstar). Îce was the one who bought the clan name. We have had no wars so we don't have much of a history.

ALLIES: DarkMoonClan, AcornClan, TigerClan.

ENEMIES: We have no enemies and we hope it will stay that way.