We are the Dawn Hunters. Apart from our previous history, we seek out people who wish to be apart of our family. We have moved on from our dark past.

Basic InformationEdit

We are not the same Hunters as our previous guilds. We ask that all enemies we once had would overlook their grudges held against us, as we have. If clans still wish to attack us, we will fight back.

The Dawn Hunters' CodeEdit

This is our revised code, all members of our family must abide by it.

1) A Hunter never tells a lie.

2) A Hunter never breaks a promise. 

3) A Hunter respects their kin.

4) Only attack others if they attack you first. (Unless told otherwise.)

5) Defend your kin at all costs.



<WarriorCats Of FrostClan>


(None currently)


We are a nomadic guild. We do not claim territory like the clans do. If our current camp grounds cause issues with yours, please ask us to leave, and do not attack us blindly. Remember that once we are attacked, our members have the right to fight back as stated in the Dawn Hunters' Code.

The Hunters' territory in a Shrouded Gloam lot.

Contact UsEdit

We have a website in the making, feel free to go there for more information about us.