Different Ranks Of Warrior Cat ClansEdit

  Hey Cats, It's Toxic Kik here but my cat name that i go by use to be Storm.Heart but now it's Bright Kit. Here is detailed summaries for each rank in warrior cat clans :D Hope this helps!Edit

High Ranks: Leaders and DeputiesEdit

  Leaders cat names end with star. Exmaples:,,,,,! Some of these cat names are taken by some leaders in fr so credits go to them for coming up with the name :DEdit

  Leaders have a lot of responiblity when leading a clan. They delcare war on which ever clan, they make sure things are running smoothly in the clan, they develop close ties with allies and clan mates. Leaders are the HIGHEST rank in the warrior cat world. Some leaders aren't so nice and in my opinion you can't be anti-soical when being a leader.

Deputies- They aren't excalty second leader but they take the place of a leader when the leader either leaves or retires or dies. They share their opinions with the leaders and speak at gatherings when the leader is absent. They can be in charge of patrols without the leader interferring. They also help recurit people and help with any drama going on within their clan. They also help get allies but they aren't in total control!!!Edit

Meds and Med ApperenticesEdit

  Meds- Med cats help the wounded and try to make sure wounded cats don't die. They are resucers during wars to those cats who get injuried. They aren't allowed to have kits but may have a mate!Edit

 Med Apperentices- They are nurses when comparing to humans. They learned and are being trained but they take part in healing by getting the supplies needed for a med cat. They are also ranked officer in a guild list

Warriors and ApperenticesEdit

  Warriors are mostly ranked officers but some clans have them ranked members. They protect the clan and at the end of their names end with either claw, tail, fur, eye, or heart. They patrol and have to be at gatherings to represent their clan. They are the people of the nation when comparing to the human world.Edit

Apperentices- They are high schoolers and middle schoolers when comparing to the human world. They learn how to fight, hunt and how to soicalize with other clans to become a loyal warrior. They also attend gatherings and war zones. Their last names end with paw and ranked members on a guild list. Warriors that train them are called mentors

Kits (Last but certianly NOT least)Edit

  Kits are babies when comapred to the human world. Their names end with kit and their mothers are called Queens. Queens end their warrior duties to protect their kits and take care of them. When a kit becomes six moons old they turn into an apperentice. Edit

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