Message From Storm.Heart To The ClanEdit

    Dear Blacksun Clan,Edit

       I love you guys so much! This is for y'all when i die from old age. I want be remembered by my strengths and weakness. My loyalty and bravery and hyperness. Even though i stepped own from being deputy (a loyal one too) i just wanted to say stay strong. If a war ever comes up i will be too old and easily hurt. I will never betray you guys and will forever love ya :D your a great leader and stop doubting yourself so much and relax. Ivy.Blossom be a good deputy to the clan and make us proud :). And oh moon.eye......what can i say about you. I have trained you damn well and you have been such a great and loyal warrior to the clan. Btw, HIT RAZOR WITH A SHOVEL FOR MEH WILL YA? HAHA XD! Goodbye Blacksun, Hello StarClanEdit


                                                                                                             ~~Stormh.heart ^-^

P.S. Storm.Heart did die from a battle. Her stomach organ bleeded badly and has a deep wound in her throat. We were role playing cause we were bored and pretending we were attacking ThunderClan (i think). Storm.Heart was going to die anyway because Blue.Star send me hints and i finally solved it. We will forever love Storm.Heart for her bravery :)Edit

   -Warrior Cat that will be unknown forever

   Love ya storm.heart

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