Leader and DeputyEdit

Tanglestar [Brittney Greygem] - (strong, generous, brown she-cat)Edit

'Ivyblossom [Ivywolf] - (young', gentle, white she-cat)Edit


Cloudfur [Olga Quietjolt] - (young, helpful purple she-cat)Edit

Wolfclaw(Littlered)-Strong friendly Grey wolfEdit

 RazorClaw-[Toxic Razor12] Edit

'Elizabeth Fogwoods- Fogheart' (Warrior)Edit

Zach Iceclaw- (Warrior)Edit


Bella Swantwlight- Swan.Kit (Kit) Alexzandria Icebeam1- Sky.Kit (Kit of, jumpy, kind, lovable)

Bight.Kit- Toxic Kik (Lovable, loyal, purple/lava kit, hyper, ambitious)

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