The Early DaysEdit

  Blacksun Clan wasn't called Blacksun, it was called TimberClan before the name got changed. Violetstar who is Brittney Greygem (Tangle.Star) started this TimberClan. The clan was going really well and had one allie but I can't remember who they were O_O. Anyway a deputy quitted to Blood Claw clan so a new deputy took her place and her name was Storm.Heart (ToxicKik). They had a totally of 24 members after Storm.Heart became deputy. Two members betrayed us which hurt the clan.

The Battle of The WolvesEdit

  One day had an arguement with the fierce blackpaw wolf pack. Storm.Heart tried to stop the war since they were fighting for nothing. The wolves won and Storm.Heart was disappointed. was disappoint also and thought Storm.Heart would leave so storm.heart was demoted from being deputy but was promted again.

Deputy DownEdit

Storm.Heart became depressed and retired from being deputy so Olga Quietjolt took her place. TimberClan got hacked one day so the clan had to start over. Olga didn't remove people but someone did and it wasn't either. Blacksun Clan was created :D Olga the new deputy betrayed Blacksun and made her own clan and took people away from Blacksun to her clan. But Blacksun got their members back :D

Goodbye MedEdit

  Moon.Eye has been offered to be med and became one but on that day she stepped down. She doesn't like being med and have been offered as dep in meadow clan.

The First Elder To Dye In Blacksun ClanEdit

' Storm.Heart got sick and passed down into star clan. She was 'very loyal and the clan misses her very much!Edit

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