To Join Timber Clan You Must:Edit

  -Have a tiger ride

'  -Know how a clan works or an idea of how a clan works'

Add The Following People To Join:

  -Daniella Titanclaw (Leader named Tangle.Star in the clan)

-Olga Quietjolt (Deputy)

-Storm.Heart (A warrior)

Our Clan History:Edit

  We were a small loyal clan and 2 clan cats betrayed us when the clan first started. Being loyal means everything to Tangle.Star! When one deputy left Storm.Heart wanted to be deputy and became one. Storm.Heart was extremely loyal and to Tangle.Star a trustworthy deputy. Tangle.Star went into war with a wolf pack but Storm.Heart tried to stop her but was too late. Storm.Heart believed that wolves are a different race so clans shouldn't bother too much about them. The clan name Warrior Cats of TimberClan showed finally one day but it had the word Brave in it so Tangle.Star wanted to change it. Something happened to Storm.Heart that made her depressed and sad so she retired from the clan. Tangle.Star promted a new deputy but that new deputy deleted everyone and ruined the clan erasing it after she swore to star clan she won't. But TimberClan is back.

All you kitties out there, you better respect my little sister or I'll hunt you down and claw your face...

     -Midnightpelt ^_^

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