Leader : Jame Realms ( Jame Dawn )

Beta : Jack : Moon Dawn 

Protecter : Toxic Pie : Cupcakeolol : Nina Nina

Officer : Doc : Cole : Daniel

Black Dawn History : Back when The first War Started A Wolf Name Black Dawn Was Kill But HE Had Boy Name James Dawn He was born With A Gift Of his Father he was rise in the wild Knowing How To Hunt Really In A great Way . He started His pack Name After His Father (Blackdawn Werewolf pack) He was So Happy, That Day So old Friend Join . Packs didn't Like Him But He promise That He Will Work For respect. That Why Jame is A leader Of His pack today.

James Had History Battle For his land Black Dawn Protect There Land . He Has Join Friend And Allies With packs . Black Dawn Is going to make history one Day . message From James Realms " We Are protector For Are Land We Will Fight Or died For are land And We Will Not Give Up " .

Moon Dawn is One Of James dawn protector he Is Strong A Smart For the Pack When James gone He will Died for The pack he Is The Beta For reason .

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