Welcome All Biker Gangs Of FREE REALMS :D

A New Type Of Role PlayEdit

Trying to promote a new type of role play. It's like clan cats but with bikers and new codes. Biker gangs stroll through free realms looking for trouble or a new territory. They can also go around saying protest!Edit

The Biker CodeEdit

-Don't Tell A LieEdit

-Don't betray

-Don't get caught by refs

-Be A Loyal Bro

(if you think of anything else please add and make sure Punker Lacey, the founder of the bikers, agrees on it)

Please help me on creating a new race of free realms!Edit

To Create a biker guild the guild MUST be named Bikers of_ 

Exmaples: Death Bikers of Skull, Bikers of Sunstone, Biker Gang Of Harley Davidson